Wednesday, December 22, 2010

deck the halls!

I was so excited to decorate for our first Christmas in our new house. Last year we didn't really get to put up Christmas lights because, much to our dismay, we did not have an outdoor electrical outlet. Luckily, our new house does have electrical outlets outside - but they are both on the back porch! It took getting creative with extension cords, but Todd made it work!

The Christmas tree in all its glory! I have almost all of our present wrapped.

NYC Christmas ornament, from our trip (and when Todd proposed!)

Our "first Christmas" ornament. Can you believe we've been married for two years?! Todd and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary December 20th! It has been a wonderful first two years of marriage. I am so lucky to have married the love of my life!

More decorations inside:

can you spot the leftover wedding decor in this photo??

The fireplace, one of my favorite things about our house. I just switched out the fall flowers and put in red and green poinsettias. Then I wrapped the two bird pictures. The stocking are new! We didn't have anywhere to put stockings in our old place.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Todd and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with both sides of our family. On Thanksgiving day we went to my parents house. I am very lucky to live near most of my family and to see them often, but it is still special to gather with them on the holidays. Nick, Benay and baby Calvin we able to be with us this Thanksgiving, which made it extra special since we are all so thankful that Calvin is doing well. Uncle David also came up from Texas. All totaled we had Mom, Dad, Nick, Benay, Calvin, Meghan, Mimi, Papa, David, Me, Todd, Mommer, my dad's friend Albert, and my dad's friend Bob.  I think 14 is a pretty full house! We had turkey with all the usual fixins. This year I made green bean casserole with fresh green beans, a little cheese and almond slivers for extra crunch. I found the recipe last year but couldn't find where I bookmarked it so I just winged it. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Here are some pictures I stole from Nick and Benay's Flickr page

The next day Todd and I woke up early, not to go shopping (that'd be crazy!) but to drive down to Texas to visit Todd's Grandmother and see his side of the family. We stayed at Grandma June's and got to visit with Chad, Grace and Hailey. Then later that evening we went over to the Uncle Tim and Aunt Vickie's to meet Brian and Melissa's new baby Emma Kate and see the rest of the Loftin Family!

Here are some pictures I stole from Jody's album (I need to remember to use my camera, but these people with their fancy smancy cameras make me not want to even get mine out!)

What a wonderful holiday!