Monday, July 12, 2010

Adventures in travel!

Last week (can I still say last week when it's almost two weeks ago?) Todd and I traveled to Texas for his Grandma June's 80th birthday celebration/Forsythe reunion. The celebration was a great success! It is so nice to see everyone get together! Here is a picture of the whole gang.

After the reunion, Todd and I continued south to Galveston for a couple of days. This was my first trip to Galveston and my first time to swim in the Gulf of Mexico! Don't worry, there were no tar balls to be found. One man we met did say that many of the BP ships were coming into Galveston to be serviced and would drag along a little bit of oil with their boats. But none from the spill itself.

It rained a lot while we were there but we did manage to swim in the ocean both days. I was amazed at how warm the water was. I have always heard that it is warm, but the only ocean swimming experience I've had was in Carmel and Cancun - and in both, the ocean can be quite chilly, so I wasn't counting on it actually being WARM. The water temperature both days was around 87 degrees, even after the rain!

We mostly slept in, swam in the ocean, looked at all the little shops on The Strand, went to the aquarium, and played a lot of mini golf!

Here are some pictures:

All the cute little shops on the Strand.
I got a new summer bag and some cute beaded sandals which I LOVE.

The Moody Gardens. we were not that impressed overall - but we did really enjoy their aquarium.

Todd and I in the shark cage

some of their many sharks!

Todd in his vacation hat! Probably telling me not to take a picture of him.

About to play some mini golf!

I started to take pictures next to each hole-in-one.
But I'm too awesome at putt-putt and it started getting ridiculous.

Somehow I only got one beach picture.
This is the beach outside out hotel. But we mostly swam at the public beaches.

Overall, we had a very nice trip!

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chris said...

i am going to make up a rule of thumb: you can only say that something happened last week if it happened last week.

Katherine said...

it was last week! I still had one more day, until two weeks. Ok, so it was really, last 13 days ago.