Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adventures in painting

I think the hardest part about painting is deciding on the color. I can be an indecisive person at times. Most of those times involve decided where to eat, or deciding paint colors. Someone please just take me somewhere with queso and tell me what colors to paint my rooms.

Actually I am very happy with the way the living room turned out, and that was a very impulsive paint buy. The sage green seems to be working out well. Maybe I should just be more impulsive with my paint. I took my time picking out our next color, and I'm pretty happy with I wasn't too happy with it about halfway through the project and wanted to quit. The color I selected was "bagel" when I did the test patch it seemed to be very warm with a hint of yellow. By the time I got finished painted the whole thing, it seemed more yellow with a hint of yellow. But it has grown on me and now I really like it.

The color "bagel" on the paint stick:

My one true "before" shot:

Getting started, before I had second thoughts

After Todd and Eric talking me down from the ledge and I finished:

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room:

The window and pots that will one day house my herb garden 
(when I get to that)

The next paint project is our hallway, which leads to the bedrooms. Both the dining room and the hallway can be seen from the living room. So, in one corner you see the yellow of the dining room from the sage green living room and in the opposite corner you can see the hallway from the living room. We are stumped as to what color to paint the hallway.  I'll post some pictures so you have a visual. What color would you paint it?

Morty and Zatara are also puzzled about what color to paint the hallway:

What color would you choose?

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"Someone please just take me somewhere with queso and tell me what colors to paint my rooms."