Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adventures in house guests!

My friend Eric came in town and stayed with us. I am always so glad to see him.  His visit also gave us extra motivation to clear out our "I'll get to that" room. This is the room full of stuff we haven't gotten around to unpacking yet! The few (ok, many) things we hadn't figured out where to put in the house. I think this is because we don't need them. I mean we've lived without them for nearly two months! So many of those things went to the thrift store.

Once We had the guest room cleaned out, we put the bed together. The room seemed to be a little lacking, so Todd and I hit the garage sales. We were looking for a small dresser/chest and a bedside table. We didn't find a dresser but came back with a really cute side table. It was pretty beat up, so we painted it a pretty green.

Here is how the side table and room turned out:

We still want to paint this room and add to it. But it is a nice start. 

When Eric came in town, we cooked steaks on the back porch and mostly stayed in the air conditioning! It seemed to be the hottest days so far! Eric and I also went to several garages sales and explored downtown Yukon. For me, the highlight of his visit was trying the self-serve frozen yogurt shop, Orange Leaf. It was delicious! I'm sure I am the last person on earth to try this new fad, but definitely want to go back.

Eric and I at the yogurt shop:

So we are now open for visitors! Come one, come all!

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blythe said...

nice! i love tables like that. i'm all about garage sale finds, but there's no room for them in this piece. someday, someday.

the norman orange tree is on lindsey, which somehow seems too far. but one of these hot days i'll get my butt over there. your pic makes it seem like a trip would be worthwhile.