Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mantel Makeover

As I mentioned before, our mantel had been untouched since we moved in. I have scoured all of our local home decor stores and the internet for ideas and inspiration. Finally while perusing a local thrift store, something caught my eye! It was a decorative urn type thing and I thought...I could do something with that.

I failed to take a before picture but thanks to the magic of the internet, here are some examples of what they looked like before:

Although I do love the color green, I wasn't sure that this assortment would go with my Green Tea colored walls in the living room. So I decided to spay paint them all a matching color. I chose to use a mix of  RustOleum's universal spray paint in copper and brown, both with a hammered finish.

Here is how they turned out!


The hammered finish didn't really come through. I realized (after the third one I did) that I should have held the  spray can much closer and laid it one much thicker to have a more hammered look. But I was more focused on the color that the hammered effect I so I just went with it as is. The one on the left I sprayed the copper all over and then dusted it with the brown. The one on the right I did just the opposite with brown as the base color and then went over it lightly with the copper.

The next step was to make it fit for fall. I found a bundle of fall flowers and leaves on rollback at Walmart. Using floral foam and some wire cutters, I went to work. Here is the added fall color:

The final look puts these together with the canvas photo, some extra pumpkins from the dollar store and two pictures we found on clearance at Target.

with mood lighting:

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Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

Wow, I can't believe those urns are glass/ceramic/whatever. They totally look like metal. Spray paint is amazing!

Thanks for linking up.


BrieAnn said...

It's been too long since I came to visit your blog. You've been up to quite a bit! The mantel in our old place in the Paseo was so hard for me too! It was MASSIVE, and I had no idea. I eventually came to a black, white, and silver conclusion, in partial thanks to one of Hobby Lobby's 50% off sales. I love your fall scene, and those pictures/urns are awesome!