Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall touches

I am not a big fan of Halloween decorations, but I love fall colors and pumpkins! I don't have an extensive collection of fall decorations but I hope to add to it a little every year. This year I added a few more mini pumpkins, the fall "urns" I showed you in the last post and some flowers for outside.

Here are some pictures:

A touch of fall with the weil ware

My $1 thrift store find

bookshelf with fall touches

My attempt at growing pumpkins, this picture was taken a while ago, but there are still no pumpkins :(
I'm hoping that there will be some sort of pumpkin before Thanksgiving!

Fall porch

Fall wreath - I got this on sale last year and added some more leaves to fill it out

Trying my hand at flower arranging

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