Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Progress

I mentioned that I would be using the Rust-Oleum cabinet transformation kit to redo our cabinets. I am about 1/2 way through the kitchen cabinet transformation, so I thought I'd show you how it's going - So far I am really pleased with the product. I had a couple minor set backs but those were operator error. I somehow dripped the top coat on the front of the cabinets while finishing the back, it hardened and became a pain to remove and had to do a major touch up on about 5 cabinets. I think it would have been easier to just have redone the whole front but I was trying to conserve the products. Anyway, I have 1/2 of the kitchen done! Between coats, Todd and I just stand facing the completed side, repeatedly saying "I can't believe how good it looks! They look like brand new cabinets!" We are very pleased to say the least.

Pictures of our progress:
(After playing around with the settings on my camera - using the "food" setting,  I finally got a few that were closer to the true color which is a nice chocolate brown. Maybe the "food" setting worked because the color we chose was cocoa? or because it takes place in a kitchen?? Who knows.)

Before pictures:

(look behind the popcorn ceiling-dust-covered me and at the cabinets!)

For some reason the countertop goes all the way against the oven, while the cabinets do not. There is about a 3 inch gap on both sides between the cabinets and oven. Which the previous owners covered with a strip of lament. See how we fixed it below...

This is after the doors and cabinets had been cleaned and the "bond coat" (sort of like paint/primer) had been applied

More during:

After you apply the Bond Coat, then you apply a decorative glaze provided in the kit. This is what really brings your cabinets to life and gives them character and a professional quality I don't think would have been achieved by paint alone.

The final step is to apply a clear top coat, which is also provided in the kit.

After (so far):

We added a piece of trim in place of the laminate to cover the gap next to the stove.

Sadly, my camera isn't able to properly capture the effect the "decorative glaze" has. It really makes a difference in person. I'll continue to play with the settings on my camera to see if I can get a better picture. 

 I am also in love the the hardware we chose, I'll show you a close up next time.
There is still a lot to do - Finish the rest of the cabinets, apply the hardware (we just bought a few to test them out) and do touch ups! I can't wait to finish so I can have my kitchen back and show you the final look!

one more before and after: 

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Meghan said...

They turned out great! I love the new look. It really changes everything.

Jami Graham said...

It turned out great!! I actually am going to do them ourselves! Any advice?

BrittanyC said...

They look amazing!! We have these HORRENDOUS knotty oak cabinets and REALLY need to do something about them. Any tips or tricks you may want throw our way?

Katherine said...

The kit is really very good. It is practically all included and very easy to use.

My biggest advice would be to take your time. This is probably not a weekend project. There are 4 steps (deglossing, applying the bond coat, glazing, and top coat) so it does take some drying time between each step.

Other than that, play with the glaze to achieve your desired look. It really makes the final product.

Also I would suggest splurging for high quality brushes and painters pyramids.

I'm glad you like the look! Thanks for the comments!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Great Transformation!!
Much Better....
I am about to paint kitchen cabinets & this post was very helpful... Thanks for sharing..

Jody said...

Great job! I'm gearing up to do our cabinets, but mine will require adding trim to each cabinet door. Kinda dreading it, but when I see what a difference it makes (like in your kitchen) I can't help but get a little excited too.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Stopping by from TDC - you have been busy and it has really paid off! Looks great!

Just Jaime said...

Great job!

Stephanie said...

Wow that is truly amazing! Thank you for stopping by to share this. I really am anxious to get started but know I have to wait until the Fall. It looks so smooth. Do you see brush strokes or is it self leveling?

Thanks again for sharing this.
Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas.

R @ Rebecca's Roundup said...

It does look alot better! Thank you for NOT painting them white like everybody else in blogland! :)

Michelle said...

Looks great!!! I love the transformation! I am visiting from Tatertots and Jello and I am a new follower! I would love love love if you would link this up to my Delicately Constructed linky party!
I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I see you around soon!

Beth said...

Lovely transformation! As someone who painted her kitchen cabinets, I know how hard it can be, but so worth it:)!

Ruth said...

The cabinets look amazing. I plan to use this to do my parents' cabinets. Can't wait to try it.


Hardy Coufal said...

Hmmm, the kitchen cabinets, after the application, look splendid! And it seems to work better than using ordinary varnish and paint. To add to that, the way you guys have done it looks professional!

Steam Showers said...

Pretty amazing renovation. I am impressed this is one of the most simplistic yet effective kitchen redos I have seen in a while.

elainaann said...

Katherine, your cabinets are looking good. I'd love to paint mine, but can't convince my hubby. :)

I got my toolbox at Lowe's for $17.