Monday, May 31, 2010

Adventures in A Taste of Summer

School is (almost) out! Todd is done with school for the year, but I have a few more days. My last day with students was on Thursday, but we have a few professional days this week. I will be officially on summer vacation  starting on Friday! Although I'm not on summer vacation yet, I did get a taste of it this Memorial Day weekend.

The first project I want to do this summer is to paint the dining room/kitchen. But since I'm not technically on vacation yet, I decided to mostly lounge around the house and enjoy the weekend.

On Thursday to celebrate (almost) being out of school, Todd and I grilled steaks with Stephanie and Chris. We also had grilled potatoes, and squash. I didn't think about making a dessert, but we had fresh berries with fruit dip and it was pretty tasty (thank you baby shower left overs! I've really been enjoying the fruit dip Benay made!)

On Saturday we enjoyed the Paseo Arts Festival. We had a great time walking around and looking at all the booths and eating gelato.

On Sunday, I helped my sister move out of her apartment in Stillwater. And today Todd and I enjoyed time at Lake Thunderbird with his parents, Stephanie, and Chris. We met at the Clear Bay Cafe for lunch and then enjoyed a sail around the lake.

Of course this is the only day I remembered my camera... but here are some pictures from our Memorial Day sailing trip: (some of these are Jodi's)

The Clear Bay Cafe

Todd and I
(Todd thinks this looks like he's attacking me - don't worry - he's not)

Todd manning the helm.

Me trying not to get sunburned 

All of us (minus Jodi - who is taking the picture)

I did do one thing around the house, I put up my new dishes! Our church sometimes has a "bloom brunch" for the ladies of the congregation. Different ladies sign up to host a table and decorate it using their dishes from home. A girl at church had the cutest set of dishes and I fell in love with them. Turns out they are "Weil Ware" in the blossom pattern and are absolutely adorable! My mom heard there was a set of them at an estate sale and bought them for me. I love them and they look great in the dining room. I think they will look even better when I paint the walls. This is something think I will enjoy having to decorate with, but can also use to entertain or just for fun. I hope to add to this collection. Here is a picture:

Here is a close up:

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