Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkin Carving, Parade and Trunk or Treat - Halloween Events

This year we celebrated Halloween by carving pumpkins with Nick, Benay and Calvin. Then we headed downtown to watch the Ghouls Gone Wild Parade! This was my first time to attend the parade and I am so glad Nick and Benay suggested it, we had a lot of fun!

Our second Halloween celebration took place at church. We had our annual fall carnival, but this year we added something new - Trunk or Treat! I think truck or treat is a relatively new thing, but it seems to be catching on because more and more churches and communities are hosting them. For those of you who are new to the idea, families decorate the trunks of their car with a theme. We got to pick our own theme, but it was suggested that it not be too scary since there are a lot of little ones who come to this event. Since Todd was out of town and I'd be doing this solo, I decided on a Pumpkin Patch theme. I gathered up all of my pumpkins from around the house and all of the pumpkins from my friend Kalei's and piled them in the trunk of my car! I also bought some pumpkin fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and a pumpkin patch sign I found at the dollar tree. It turned out pretty cute! You usually dress up to match the theme of your car and then sit next to your trunk and pass out candy as the kids say "trunk or treat!"

Below are some pictures of both events:

Not so great picture of Nick and Todd, but hey, at least Benay looks like she's enjoying herself!

Hard at work carving pumpkins

Cute Calvin watching the pumpkin carving

Waiting on the parade to start!

Calvin's first parade! Looks like he's ready to join the march of the flaming skeletons.

The march of 1,000 flaming skeletons! It makes for a pretty impressive sight.

Wayne Coyne and his famous bubble for the parade finale


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