Saturday, November 13, 2010

Curtains! Finally!

In our living room we have two windows that flank our fireplace. I love the view they give us of the backyard but still felt that they needed a little window dressing - especially before I finally decorated the mantel. It seemed very blah and blank over on that side of the room. I had been looking for months for the perfect set of drapes or even some material that I wanted to make curtains out of. Todd has seen enough fabric swatches and curtain samples for a lifetime. On more that one occasion I have bought curtains, tried them out, decided I hated them and had to return them.

You know the curtains I used in the dining room? Yep, they were originally living room curtain rejects. I thought the green in the curtain would match the green on the wall. But it didn't. Sometimes, that's what you get for shopping online.

Don't worry, we've replaced that curtain rod by now.
[Do you want to know a secret about those fancy wood blinds? I thought so. I got them at a garage sale for $5! I found out later why they were so cheap, they were miss-marked and are too short. That is as far down as they go. Turns out it's ok with me because the cat requires that we leave him a place to sit on the sill anyway They are the perfect cat height.]

I was on a mission to find the right set of gold/green curtains. Because my living room is green, my dining room and hallway are yellow/gold and I'm not that creative I thought it would tie them together. But after Todd and I found these new pieces of art to put on either side of our TV stand...


I began thinking.....Maybe the curtains don't have to be gold. I know many of you realized this long before. I too realized it, but I basically only like the colors green and purple so anything else is a stretch already.

Then one day,  walking through Target, I stopped in the curtain section yet again. But this time I found them. The curtains I have been searching for. I swear I heard angels rejoicing. Todd rejoiced. 

Here they are in all their glory:

These still have the gold and green touches but the major color is a pretty red

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