Friday, February 4, 2011

The after Christmas decor lull.

After Christmas I waited patiently for Target's Christmas decorations to go to 90% off. When the day came, I pounced! I bought up every snowflake I could find and even a little "let it snow" sign. I had high hopes of making something like this  but I didn't find any snowflakes that big. In addition, I have really fallen in love with the look of our red poinsettia wreath against the sage green of our front door. (I have decided that poinsettias are a winter flower and therefore not just for Christmas) I'll probably keep it up through Valentines since it is red and I don't really decorate for valentines.

Once I had my snowflakes home I let them sit in the bag  next to my computer for a week just needed a little inspiration (read: deadline). My inspiration came when we I found our we had guests coming up from Texas who were going to see the house for the first time. Getting out of rehearsal late and needing to clean the whole house did not leave much room for crafting or going to the store. But while cleaning out our "Nooooooo don't go in there!" storage room, inspiration struck as I found two snowflake printed gift bags. As one of my new favorite bloggers suggests: I decided to "Rock what you've got". I took the prints out of two frames that weren't currently being displayed, cut up my bags and put the snowflake paper in them. Then I took the eyelets and ribbon off of the "let it snow" sign. I tried to put the sign on the paper but it was too flimsy. Instead, I just put a glob of hot glue on the sign and stuck it right to the glass! Here's how they turned out:

I didn't have enough snowflake paper to do this frame too, but I think the print I already had in it goes well. It is also sort of valentines-y. It reads "you are the one I want most of all".

Again, I left my poinsettias up. I didn't feel like changing them, and I can't think of a "more winter" flower. I added the candle holders this weeks since I have been snowed in and bored. I made them  using Epsom salts and mod poge. I got the idea from this tutorial. I did two coats of epsom salts to make it seem more snowy.  here is a close up:

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