Monday, February 14, 2011


I had a wonderful Valentines Day with a wonderful valentine. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

He had some delivered beautiful flowers delivered to school today

The card reads, "all my love to you babycakes." One of my favorite things about Todd is that he always comes up with sweet and cute terms of endearment. He also bought me chocolates and wrote a really sweet card - but I'll keep that to myself.

I also came home to cards and chocolate from Morty and Zatara. I think it is really funny how Todd picks out cards from them. I mean, I know they're animals and Todd picks them out - but if they were to pick out they own cards... they totally would have picked these.

Morty's card

Inside it says "I want to lick your face! I love you! Hold me! I love you!" which is totally what he would say if he were a person.

Here is Zatara's card:

The inside reads "It just means I'm a cat" and it's signed "Thanks for keeping me around - Zatara"

I like Valentine's day, not just because I have a valentine, but because I fee loved by him and my loving family [ok,  and Morty and even Zatara] each day of the year.

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blythe said...

that's really sweet! i don't know morty that well, but zatara's come a long way from stinking everything up with his fancy feast to picking out v-day cards. he must really like you.