Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ok, so I skipped the month of January...

January is a busy month! Apparently so busy that I can't even find time to blog.

After Christmas break we hit the ground running with the spring musical! We had auditions and immediately start rehearsals. It seems I kinda fall of the face of the universe during January and February. I think I am much more tired being an [assistant] director than I ever was as a cast member - and I'm not the one dancing for 2 hours a night!

I did have a list of things to blog about - but my computer died with all of my pictures. I did back them up so they are on a hard-drive.... somewhere. But really, who wants to hear about Christmas posts and whatnot in February? I'll answer that - nobody! Rest assured we had a wonderful Christmas with both sides of our family.

I will touch briefly on a few goals for 2011. Because I read somewhere that you have a higher chance of not quitting your resolutions if you make it through till February.Personally, I feel that I have a higher chance of not quitting my resolution if I start in February.

In no particular order:

1. Blog more. I want to make an effort to post more. Even if it's quick, or without pictures or not "blog worthy".

2. Learn to knit.

3. Sew something for our house. I have a sewing machine that I bought for my birthday nearly two years ago. I've sewn one very unsuccessful dog coat. Which, looking back, was an insanely ambitious project for someone who never finished sewing her bunny in 6th grade sewing class - and whose only truly successful sewing projects include a pillow made with the help of her mother to earn a girl scout badge.

4. Start a vegetable garden. I missed out on gardening last year, but I am already thinking about my garden for this year. I hope to grow summer squash, zucchini, potatoes and anything else I think I can manage.

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