Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adventures in Decorating

I'm already a bad blogger because I forgot to take "before" shots of the house before we painted and started moving everything in. So just use your imagination. Picture everything empty with white walls, and then just blink your eyes for the reveal. 

When you enter the house there is a little foyer which opens up to the living room. This is one of the rooms we painted before we moved everything in. It is really a pretty green color but it looks more blue in this picture. 

Most of these pictures are were taken as soon as I realized I forgot to take before shots, so you will see the work in process.

I originally saw this mirror at Garden Ridge for $40 but passed it by. Then I was at Ross later that day and saw the same mirror for only $15! So I went for it.

This little table I got from Target. It was meant to be a buffet table, but I like the look of it here. I'd like to create a landing strip here à la Apartment Therapy. I'd like a place to sort the mail and a bowl of some sort to put keys in.

Since Todd had to be out of town for a conference and then had to take off the day of closing, he went to work and we decided to start moving after he got off. So I came over bright and early the day of the move to paint the living room before we moved the furniture in. Here are some pictures of the living room in progress.

Since then we've just added a few finishing touches. We've hung up our clock and filled in the bookshelves. Here are a few of those details.

Now, we just need something for the mantel!


BrieAnn said...

I love the little green chair in the corner by the bookcase. I could plan a whole room around it. What a fun color/shape. Oh, and tufting. I love tufting.

Katherine said...

that is my favorite piece of furniture! I got it for $8 at a garage sale!